Executive Board

There are many ways to get involved with the New York City Alumnae Chapter: attend events as a dues-paying member, serve on the executive board, serve as a collegiate advisor, volunteer during collegiate recruitment, participate in Foundation service events, plan your own DG event for alumnae and more, so please contact us to share your talents!

Feel free to contact any of the members listed below with ideas or questions. We want to hear from you!



Sam Di Carlo, Alpha Xi – West Virginia University


Contact her at president@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like more information about the Fraternity, Foundation or alumnae chapter;
  • Have questions about NYC DG’s bylaws, officer responsibilities or elections;
  • Have questions about e-Ops;
  • Need a contract approved;
  • Would like more information about sponsoring a potential member;
  • Need a sponsorship form or help filling one out;
  • Have ques tions about how or where to submit your sponsorship form; or
  • Have any other questions, comments or suggestions!
vice-president: communications

Casey Federbush, Alpha Epsilon – Washington University in St. Louis


Contact her at communications@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like to send announcements to the full chapter membership;
  • Have questions about the newsletter; or
  • Have news or photographs you would like to submit to the ANCHORA.
vice-president: finance

Alexandra Tenney, Alpha Nu – University of Southern California

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Contact us at finance@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like to pay dues;
  • Have questions about the budget;
  • Would like to submit receipts for reimbursement; or
  • Need a contract approved.
vice-president: membership

Kaitlin Fund, Zeta Zeta – Boston University


Contact her at membership@nycdg.com if you:

  • Have questions about alumnae membership;
  • Would like to join the membership committee;
  • Have recruitment ideas;
  • Would like to update your contact information with Delta Gamma; or
  • Would like to pull information about Delta Gamma alumnae in the local area.
vice-president: programming

Sarah Rezvani, Eta Nu – Hofstra University


Contact her at programming@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like to participate in any chapter programming event;
  • Have chapter programming ideas;
  • Would like to join the programming committee;
  • Would like to host a chapter event;
  • Would like more information about any of the Special Interest Groups;
  • Would like to start a new special interest group; or
  • Would like to participate in formal or informal rituals.
vice-president: Foundation

Meredith Ritko, Zeta Gamma – University of Richmond

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Contact her at foundation@nycdg.com if you:

  • Have questions about the Foundation or the Chapter Giving Program;
  • Have questions about Delta Gamma funded scholarships, fellowships or loans;
  • Have Foundation programming ideas or other service related opportunities;
  • Have volunteered for a service related philanthropy and would like to record your hours; or
  • Would like to donate eyeglasses, Labels or Box Tops for Education to Foundation.
vice-president: Panhellenic

Stephanie Leibert, Zeta Theta – Columbia University

Contact her at panhellenic@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like more information about the policies and procedures of the National Panhellenic Conference; or
  • Would like to participate in any NPC meetings or events.
vice-president: collumnae

  • NYU: Rebecca Park, Delta Eta- California State University, Sacramento


  • Columbia: Chasity Polk, Eta Phi – New York University


Contact at nyucollumnae@nycdg.com or cucollumnae@nycdg.com if you:

  • Would like to volunteer to support collegians during recruitment, final exams or with service related projects;
  • Would like to participate in senior installation or other joint events; or
  • Would like more information about the collegiate chapter, its advisers or House Corporation.


Click here to learn more about our special interest groups here and join their respective email lists, and click here to read about the committee for our flagship fundraising event, A Night for Sight.

A Night for Sight Committee

Co-Chair: Kate Phillips, Delta Beta – University of Kentucky

SF pic

Co-Chair: Stephanie Hegarty, Beta Lambda – Gettysburg College


Contact at anfs@nycdg.com.

Book Club

Susanne Scheel, Zeta Zeta – Boston University

Picture for Backstage

Contact her at bookclub@nycdg.com.

Dinner Club

Molly Egan, Epsilon Lambda – Lehigh University

Contact her at dinnerclub@nycdg.com.

Fitness Club

Stephanie Leibert, Zeta Theta – Columbia University

Contact her at panhellenic@nycdg.com.

 Social Media Director

Emma Barlow, Epsilon Nu – James Madison University


Contact her at socialmedia@nycdg.com

Young Alumnae Director

Annabelle McDonald, Alpha Phi – University of British Columbia

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Contact her at youngalums@nycdg.com

Sister Spotlight Director

Carrie Howland, Zeta – Albion College

Contact her at sisterspotlight@nycdg.com.


Interested in serving the chapter? Contact us at programming@nycdg.com to learn more about how you can volunteer.