Do you know of a young woman who would make a great Delta Gamma? We want to know about her! Help promote Delta Gamma by sharing your pride in the Fraternity and educating others about the leadership, values, scholarship and fun young women can experience as a member of Delta Gamma Fraternity. Please take the time to complete a DG Sponsor Form for a potential new member (PNM).

You are encouraged to submit the sponsor form electronically to the collegiate chapter via e-mail. Follow up with a hard copy by mail or fax. Feel free to contact the New York City sponsorship chair with any questions.

Looking for formal recruitment dates of a specific Delta Gamma collegiate chapter? Recruitment dates and the mailing addresses for the chapter’s vp: membership can be found in the Fraternity recruitment directory (note: A deltagamma.org account is required to view this link) and in the summer issue of the ANCHORA.


  • Before writing the sponsor form, review and gather information on the PNM; include a picture if possible.
  • Type or print clearly.
  • The more information you provide the more useful the form will be. Remember, in most cases the sponsor form is the first contact the chapter has with a PNM. Your personal comments and examples are invaluable.
  • Be as descriptive as possible when filling out a sponsor form. For example, it is important to let the evaluating committee know if a woman is shy, reserved or assertive so they can plan a recruitment strategy.
  • Highlight and underscore outstanding potential.
  • If you know grades and activities, but not personality or character and you are not comfortable signing the sponsor form, check the box for “information only” so the chapter can work on other sponsors. However, if you hear from a reliable source that she meets all five points of the star, sign the sponsor form.
  • If you can’t find any information on a PNM and you have exhausted your resources, let the chapter evaluating committee know immediately.
  • If you have concerns about a PNM and you do not wish to sponsor her, check the appropriate box and state if you would like a phone contact with the collegiate recruitment adviser. You may share your substantiated, general concerns with her and should do so as soon as possible.
  • Verified specifics may be stated, not written, to the adviser only. Such information is not to be released to the collegians under any circumstance.
  • Give the woman the benefit of the doubt and let the chapter make the decision unless you have first-hand information. The chapter may have received other sponsor forms that are positive.
  • Ultimately, decisions rest with the chapter.
  • Delta Gamma chapters pledge women based on the five points of the star and their chapter’s membership goals.


Who is a legacy?

Granddaughters, daughters, sisters or the same step-relations of Delta Gamma members are considered Delta Gamma legacies.

It’s never too early to tell your legacy about the important role Delta Gamma plays in your life. We want to encourage Delta Gammas to introduce their legacies to our Fraternity and its many opportunities for sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and service.

Anchor Girl Program

Be a part of Delta Gamma’s tradition of honoring our legacies! If you have a daughter, granddaughter or sister (or step daughter, step granddaughter or step sister) under the age of 16, you can register her for Anchor Girl. By joining Anchor Girl, you’re helping Delta Gamma become aware of our legacies. Your legacy will receive an Anchor Girl gift, and you’ll be able to refer to the Anchor Girl resource page on the Delta Gamma Web site for the most up-to-date Fraternity information on legacy policies and procedures.

It’s never too early to tell your Anchor Girl about the important role that Delta Gamma has played in your life. We want to encourage Delta Gammas to introduce their legacies to our Fraternity and its many opportunities for sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and service.

Visit deltagamma.org to learn how to register your Anchor Girl.